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Trygve Allister or "Trig" Diesen is a director 
working in Scandinavia and the US.


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Trygve Allister - aka Trig - Diesen is a film and TV-director and writer working in Scandinavia and the US. He most often directs thrillers, crime stories and human drama - focusing on visceral, cinematic storytelling and emotional, but grounded performances.  

Part Norwegian, part Scottish, Trig graduated magna cum laude from University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. He sold his first script two weeks out of film school. His second feature Hold My Heart was Norway´s Oscar submission, while Red, his third film and English-language debut, premiered in Sundance. It stars Brian Cox in an award-winning performance. Trig has also written two features for other directors.

Trig directs TV with the same passion he brings to features, and has helmed well over 100 episodes, spanning several genres, countries and languages. Often as conceptual director, but also as episodic director. Trig created, wrote and directed the acclaimed, hard-boiled miniseries Torpedo. His last TV gig (2015) was to direct the two pilot episodes of the series version of Arne Dahl/The A Group for Swedish TV,  also playing on BBC and ZDF. 

In 2010, Trig was the first  to receive a practise-based doctorate in directing from The Norwegian Film School. He still teaches there on occasion, as well as in other film schools.

When not out shooting, Trig lives in Oslo, Norway with his wife and four sons. He is partner in the production company  
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